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Published API bundles


  • The published libraries are available to download in the API Maker store.
  • API Maker users can install/uninstall a particular version of the library.
  • There is a list of the 'API version' in the dropdown.

  • After installing APIs, you can check that in the Third party APIs list.

  • You can test that multiple version-wise api.
  • Every version can save the Third party APIs settings.
  • While testing the third party API you can create multiple code versions of that API.
  • API Maker user can set the pre- / post-hooks in the Third party APIs.
  • Download Third party APIs curl from the 'Integration' tab on the API Testing page.

The URL of the third party API


  • In the above URL the 'admin' is the api_path of the user.
  • 'decimal' is the bundle name of the third party API.
  • '1.0.0' is the API version of that bundle. A bundle can have multiple API versions and an API version can have multiple APIs with different names.
  • 'errorListTest' is the API name.