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⭐ List of Feature ⭐

✅ Need of scheduler

  • Scheduler is used when user wants to execute their code at a certain interval, time period or timezone.

✅ Create scheduler using AM GUI

  • API Maker's user-friendly GUI allows user to create and manage scheduler.

✅ Well-managed Timeout feature

  • The scheduler will automatically stop & restarted if it takes longer than 10 minutes, additionally the user can adjust the timeout as needed.

✅ Code panel

  • The inbuilt powerful & the fully featured code editor enables user to write code.

✅ Add Interval [Inbuilt & Custom CRON]

  • The interval feature give ability to select time zone and make it active or inactive. You can use the inbuilt intervals or create your own custom ones.

✅ Test scheduler - an important feature

  • User can use the testing environment to debug their code and get the desired output before activating the scheduler.

✅ Leverage all AM feature

  • The user can leverage all the APIs of API Maker as user can do in custom APIs code.

⭐ List of key features ⭐

  • Run once
  • Automatically distributed on multiple servers
  • Invulnerable Server shutdown
  • Deployment in safely
  • Start/Stop/Run & Manage interval anytime