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API Maker getting started

API Maker is a complete backend solution for generating & building powerful APIs.

Very first step is to install API Maker. You can install in local also.
You can use any VPS from any VPS provider which should have below configuration.

Install API Maker on your VPS

  • VPS can be from any cloud provider.
  • Minimum System Requirements
    • 1GB RAM
    • 1 CPU Core
    • 20GB Storage
    • Ubuntu 22.04 LTS
  • Below script will install all the required components, and it also supports binding custom domains with SSL.
  • You can install API Maker in any flavour of Linux | Windows | Mac, but this installation script only supports Ubuntu.
  • Installation will store all the important files in /root/config directory.
curl -fsSL > && bash --default --version=latest

--default This flag will take some default values and tries to give you minimum trouble and proceed with installation process.
--version You can provide API Maker version in this flag.

Install API In Local System

Follow steps from GitHub repository local setup.

API Maker Installation videos

API Maker Features quick walkthrough

API Maker Features quick walkthrough

Install API Maker in Private VPS

Install API Maker in Private VPS

Let's start

You can use MongoDB which is used by API Maker internally, you will find its credentials when installation completes or login to your server and check this file ~/config/.env
You can attach your database from your installation or from any database providers, ex: PlanetScale, MongoDB Atlas, Amazon Aurora

Stay in touch

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In case of any issues, you can report them at API Maker Planning