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API Maker - Master Save / Update - Save Single or Multiple API Records

✅ Master save / update work based on primary key

  • User can update the record by passing the primary key field in the payload, if the user does not pass it, the record will be inserted.

✅ On multiple object, we can perform both operation

  • like, If we have two object in single payload, we can perform insert for one object and update for another object.

✅ Nested level insert/update possible

  • Insert and Update support up to N-number of nested level, No any limit.

✅ Multiple database update in same payload

  • Inserting/updating on different types of databases in the same payload can also be managed in this API.
  • like, Sellers product listed on MongoDB > product collection and Buyers order transaction maintain on oracle > order_transaction table, that is possible using this API.

✅ This API work like transaction in database

  • Rolling back the operation in different databases completely if any operation fails.

✅ User can save single or multiple records

  • having some inbuilt validation and conversion functionality.

✅ Generate Dummy Payload [Single | Multiple]

  • Based on schema, user can generate dummy data with a single click by using Generated Data option in body section.

✅ Modify response using Query Params [select | deep]

  • select - Retrieve the fields based on the user's needs.
  • deep - Obtain more precise / details data in a certain field.

⭐ Validation ⭐

👉 API Maker validate the payload using below validator.

  • required
  • email
  • max
  • maxLength
  • min
  • minLength
  • unique
  • validatorFun [Custom validator function]

⭐ Conversion ⭐

👉 API Maker can convert the payload using below conversion.

  • encryption
  • hashing
  • toLowerCase
  • toUpperCase
  • trim
  • trimStart
  • trimEnd
  • conversionFun [Custom conversion function]