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Database migration

Migrate databases

  • Developers can add migration scripts for databases.
  • They can run that scripts anytime to migrate database structure and data.


import * as T from 'types';
import * as db from 'db-interfaces';
import * as _ from 'lodash';

async function main(g: T.IAMGlobal) {
    let order_transactions_meta = await g.sys.system.getTableMeta({
        instance: 'mysql8',
        database: 'inventory',
        table: 'order_transactions'
    let hasDescriptionColumn = !!_.find(
        { name: 'description' }

    let order_transactions = await g.sys.system.executeQuery({
        instance: 'mysql8',
        query: "ALTER TABLE `inventory`.`order_transactions` ADD COLUMN `description` varchar(255) NULL AFTER `qty`"

    return { hasDescriptionColumn, order_transactions_meta };
module.exports = main;