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⭐ List of Feature ⭐

👉 Log Profile

✅ Multiple log profile

▸ User can create multiple log profiles and activate or deactivate them when needed.

✅ Manage log profile

▸ User can create - update - delete multiple log profiles.

✅ Depth of log

▸ API Maker lets the user turn on logs for any API they want, not just for Categories, Instances, Databases, Collections or groups of APIs.

✅ Response save

▸ API Maker also allows the user to save the response of any API if needed.

👉 Log Table

✅ Filter logs

▸ The inbuilt advance & the fully featured filter panel available.

✅ Grid data

▸ Show the saved logs as per user profile in grid format.

✅ More specific details log

▸ To see more detail logs, the user can double click on row and view the expanded log with request header, query params, body, response header, actual response, user logs and so on.

✅ Download logs in form of Excel & PDF.

▸ Excel & PDF inbuilt support for download logs, with the help of that user can share that log also.

✅ Delete operation

▸ Delete the logs that are no longer required after completing troubleshooting.