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Third Party Api

The published APIs from the API Maker store can be installed from the API Maker end user.

Install Third party API

  • Go to "Utility" menu and select "App Store"

  • When we click on any package. It opens the library details modal which has the list of the API versions.
  • The user should select the version and click on the 'Install API Version' button. Library Details

  • Uninstall the package API version after installation.

  • After uninstalling the API bundle,
  • If you revert specific API yaml file, it will automatically add utilities of that bundle.
  • If you revert full bundle YAML file, it will add entire bundle back.

Library uninstall

Third party API use

  • Go to the "API Info" menu and select "Third Party API".
  • Here, we can check our installed APIs list.

  • On the 'API Testing' page API Maker user can test the installed third party APIs and check the response.
  • Here, the end user can check the API code too.

Third party API test