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🚀 API Maker 1.0.0 Released - Complete backend solution & Freeware 🏆

I'm happy to announce that, API Maker 1.0.0 is released on 10 May 2023.

What is API Maker

  • API Maker is complete backend solution, from powerful API generation to custom API development to deployment, all supported by API Maker in most convenient way.

API Maker Website


✔ Powerful auto generated APIs based on DB schema

✔ 8 Database Support

✔ Super fast custom APIs development, testing & integration

✔ Third party APIs support from API Maker store

✔ Inbuilt system APIs

✔ Automate tasks using schedulers

✔ Perform tasks based on events

✔ Secrets management

✔ Single sign-on authentication (Google, AWS, Azure, Github)

✔ Secure sandbox to run custom APIs & Third party APIs

✔ In-Built Testing Framework

✔ Automatic caching

✔ Logging of APIs

✔ Database migrations

✔ Git merge is deployment [ DEV -> QA -> UAT -> Prod ]

✔ Collaborative development by developer accounts

✔ Get output in JSON/YAML/XML from any API response

✔ Low memory footprint (~140MB)

✔ Powerful access management upto field level

✔ Internationalization support in error messages

✔ Easy monitoring of all servers with multiple dashboards


Shared server benchmarks

Dedicated server benchmarks