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🚀 API Maker : Release Notes for v1.2.0

⭐ February 2024 ⭐


  • [Feature] : “Restart process” menu item added in users menu which will restart all API Maker processes from all connected servers of that environment cluster
  • [Feature] : Multiple operators support added in find queries.
  • [Improvement] : UI improvements in code finder
  • UI Improvements.
  • [Improvement] : Set max memory usage for sandbox process and set default memory for Node.js process calculated based on system resources.
  • [Improvement] : Generate default values for generated APIs implemented
  • [Improvement] : Get All APIs will have default value 1000 in their query parameter
  • [Improvement] : UI improvement root user side.
  • [Improvement] : D2 library install operation will be done automatically on all linux servers
  • [Improvement] : Git related dependency packages upgraded.