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Database migration

⭐ List of Feature ⭐

✅ Maintain state of database

  • Useful for maintain particular state of database.

✅ Why database migration ?

  • when we deploy code across different environments, introduce a new feature to our application, or change any table or field of database.
  • For accomplishing all of this stuff, it is necessary.

✅ Learn only Java-script

  • API Maker migration uses simple java-script code to perform all the migration tasks for us. We don't need to learn any extra database language for it.

✅ N-number of migration script

  • API Maker allows users to create, update and delete multiple migration scripts with ease and without any limitation.

✅ Copy - paste script

  • Users can easily copy and paste their database queries from some popular or well known database GUI tools.

✅ Leverage all AM feature

  • The user can leverage all the APIs of API Maker as user can do in custom APIs code.

✅ Debugging & Testing

  • User can debug & modify code using testing framework.

✅ More specific details

  • User can see the list of all migration script, with single click of execute script functionality.