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Git Integration

👉 Developer accounts

⭐ List of Feature ⭐

✅ N-number of developer accounts

  • API Maker admin can create multiple developer account, without any limit.
  • Enables multiple developers to collaborate on a common project with their own accounts.
  • Each developer account has login credentials with different API paths to access APIs.
  • API Maker allows the developers to connect with Git and pull/push their changes.
  • Every developer has their own secrets that are not push-able in Git.
  • Developers can be updated and deleted by API Maker admin.
  • No duplicates are allowed for the email and api_path of developers, it must be unique.

👉 Git integration

⭐ List of Feature ⭐

✅ Git integration

  • To integrate with Git, the user only needs to enter the correct git credentials into the URL on the 'User Info' Page.
  • After that user can access Git pull/push functionality from API Maker by itself.

✅ Git branch

  • Get list of branches available on Git.
  • Create a new branch from existing.
  • Make branch default on just single selection.

✅ Git Pull/Push & Status

  • User has permission to check the actual status of listed branch.
  • Status displays the files that have a difference between your updated code and the current branch you selected.
  • User can compare the code of each updated files.
  • User can see the difference between them in the highlighted part.
  • User can revert the change by just clicking the 'Revert Change' button.
  • At the time of push the changes, user just write the commit message and click on the 'Commit' button.
  • Make sure you have pushed your changes to your branch before clicking the 'Pull' button. This will overwrite your changes with the code from the current selected branch.

▸ Note: Secrets and Notes are not committed on Git push operations.

👉 Database name masking

⭐ List of Feature ⭐

✅ Masking DB for Multiple developer

  • Masking is needed to keep the database name consistent with the production database name when multiple developers work on a single project.

✅ Manage Git push/pull

  • Masking eliminates the need for the user to change the database name before Git push.