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API Maker Introduction

✔ Auto generated high performance APIs

  • Attach database, and it will generate APIs based on data/schema of database
  • Top database of industry are supported.

✔ You can write your own custom APIs and test in UI.

✔ Install third party APIs from API Maker Store.

✔ Write test cases of your custom code.

✔ Do git pull and deploy on other environments, like QA | UAT | PROD.

⭐ Query data across 8 DB types

Query data across 8 DB types

  1. MongoDB
  2. MySQL
  3. MariaDB
  4. Percona XtraDB
  5. Ti DB
  6. PostgreSQL DB
  7. Oracle DB
  8. SQL Server

⭐ Auto Generated APIs For every instance → database → table

  1. Get All
  2. Get All Stream
  3. Get By ID
  4. Save Single/Multiple
  5. Master Save/Update Single/Multiple
  6. Update By ID
  7. Update Many
  8. Replace By ID
  9. Query Data
  10. Query Data By Stream
  11. Remove By ID
  12. Remove By Query
  13. Count
  14. Distinct
  15. Distinct With Query
  16. Aggregate (MongoDB)
  17. Array Operations (MongoDB)

Custom APIs

  • Write APIs having custom business logic, with pre validated &
  • converted request payload
  • Write Utility Classes to write common code across APIs.
  • You can use any npm package in code
  • Code execution environment is fully customizable using Dockerfile
  • Write code and test with different payload in API Maker UI (No need to restart anything at all)

⭐ System APIs

  1. Encrypt Data
  2. Decrypt Data
  3. Hash Data
  4. Is Valid Data For Table
  5. Is Valid Data For Custom API
  6. Is Valid Data For Third Party API
  7. Emit Event
  8. Emit Event Web Socket
  9. Get Token
  10. Get Secret Key/Keys
  11. Get Redis Key/Keys
  12. Set Redis Key/Keys
  13. Remove Redis Key/Keys
  14. Reset Database Cache
  15. Reset Third Party API Cache
  16. Reset Custom API Cache
  17. Reset System API Cache
  18. Call External API
  19. Get Table Meta Data

Third Party APIs

  • Go to API Maker store

  • 1 click 👆 to install/uninstall ready made APIs from API Maker store

  • APIs will be installed with source code, so developers can also modify as their need.

  • You can install same API bundle with multiple API versions

⭐ More...

No more code deployments