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🚀 API Maker : Release Notes for v1.3.0

⭐ February 2024 ⭐


  • Automatic caching performance improvement for mongoDB.

  • [FEATURE] : TS generated interfaces feature added. New icon available in dashboard for that in utilities section. Very useful for frontend developers.

  • [FEATURE] : Git pull history feature added.

  • [FEATURE] : Docker image build history button added in sandbox settings

  • [IMPROVEMENT] : Generate class/model based on JSON feature.

    • JSON is editable now.
    • Valid json selection is not mandatory now. It will pick up sample JSON instead.
  • [FEATURE] : Multiple selection is now supported in git revert

  • [BUG] : WebSocket event revert issue fixed for custom APIs.

  • [IMPROVEMENT] : Packages upgraded and code improvements to address vulnerabilities.

  • [BUG] : DB user selection UI issue fixed in API testing.