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🚀 API Maker : Release Notes for v1.1.0

⭐ January 2024 ⭐

Here is what's new in Version 1.1.0

  • [Feature] : Diagram dashboard created. Generates ER diagram for all database types. It also supports diagram export in SVG & PNG format
  • [Improvements] : Git pull performance improved by 70%.
  • [Improvements] : Redis dashboard checkbox selection is removed and keys selection based on (Cmd | Ctrl) + click is implemented

  • UI Improvements.

  • Installation Improvements

    • Automatic install d2 diagram library
    • Validate disk size and show warning if disk size is less than 20 GB.
    • Take IP address of server from user and also suggest, useful to install in data centers.
    • Specific version support added. User can pass —version flag to the script.

⭐ Jay Shree Ram ⭐