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Hash data

  • Create hash of any string, object, array, number data.
  • In response, we got hash string.
  • API Maker supports only SHA256 for create hashing.

Request method: POST

The secret contains the name of hashing algorithm in 'hashingAlgorithm' key. If 'nonce' available, used for hashing, if not available secret will be used for hashing.



Request payload


Get hash of the given data using the global object 'g'.

let hashData = await g.sys.system.hash({ "Name": "Alice" });

API Response

    "success": true,
    "statusCode": 200,
    "data": "be2a6a457cc36a48e4e231411d8d6498213f7ffb6d1e03066dd7fbaa6ec9402e"