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i18n Internationalization

⭐ List of Features ⭐

✅ Support multiple languages

  • Internationalization enables you to receive error or response messages in different languages from the API Maker.

✅ x-am-internationalization

  • To receive a response or error message in a specific language, you have to set the x-am-internationalization value in the request header.

✅ Predefined errors list

  • There are the Predefined errors list. user can map the values against keys. user will receive that error value in their error response.
  • Error support on
  • Constant errors
  • Custom API errors
  • Third party API errors

✅ Symbols & Special characters

  • The user can set symbols and special characters, as a response error message.

✅ Quick effect

  • No need to restart the project, just change the error message, and it will be reflected immediately.

✅ Switch language in sec

  • Just provide the internationalization name in the header, and you will get an error message in your provided language.