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Automatic Caching

⭐ List of Feature ⭐

✅ What & why caching?

  • Caching is a technique that improves the speed of data or file access by storing multiple copies of them in a temporary storage location.

✅ Support every APIs

  • API Maker's automatic caching feature supports various APIs, such as database tables, custom APIs, system APIs, and third-party APIs.

✅ Easy to enable / disable

  • Caching can be easily enable, disable, and reset by the user.

✅ Immediate effect

  • Caching will be automatically reset when any relevant row / document is changed.

✅ Up to N-number level of support

  • API Maker provides database and collection-level caching.

✅ x-am cache control

  • This specific header in an API request can reset the cache for that API.

✅ System API to reset cache of all APIs

  • To reset the cache for Custom APIs, Third-party APIs, and Database caching, you can use the system APIs provided by API Maker.