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Database API


  • API Maker users can add multiple instances and connect databases.

  • Select database type from the drop-down.

  • API Maker supports below database types,
MySQL | TiDB | Percona XtraDB
Microsoft SQL Server
Oracle Database
  • Add a unique instance name. You can not change the instance name later, it can be used in the script.
  • Give a label and you can change it later.
  • Select the connection string which is added in the default secret. You can update/add connection strings in the default secret. The active secret is the default secret.

Connection strings:


  • Select the added instance, and you will get an associated list of all databases.
  • API Maker user can save the database setting by clicking the Add Database Settings.
  • User can add/delete a new database.
  • Generate bulk schemas to the associated collections/tables of the selected database.


  • Select any database, and you will get the list of associated collections/tables.
  • Add a new collection/table using plus(+) button. Users can edit the collection/table name anytime.
  • API Maker user can save/update/delete schema of the collection/table.
  • API Maker user can save the collection setting by clicking the Add Collection Settings.


  • Select any collection, and you will get the list of associated APIs.
  • API type 'GEN' shows that API is generated not schema API.
  • If the selected collection has schema you will also get the list of schema APIs.
  • Click on 'Test API' button, and you will redirect to the 'API test' page. You can test that API on that page.
  • API Maker user can save the API setting by clicking the Add API Settings.