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Git hub feature

Git integration

  • Add Git URL with credentials and Git commit user emails in the 'User info' page.
  • After adding the Git URL, you can access the Git pull/push functionality from API Maker itself.

Git branch

  • API Maker users can create a new branch from the current branch.
  • You will get the list of the current branches available in Git.
  • Whichever Git branch you select in the dropdown it will automatically become the default branch.

Git pull/push & status

  • After creating your branch push your changes in your branch.
  • On the click 'Pull' button the current selected branch code will overwrite your changes. Make sure you already push your changes in your branch.
  • Once you select the branch from the branch list dropdown you can check its status.
  • Status is shown as the list of files which has a difference between the current branch you selected and your updated code(if any).
  • Users can compare the code of each file. The highlighted part of the code is the difference between them.
  • If the user does not want to push the changes they can revert the change by just clicking the 'Revert change' button.
  • Write the commit message and click on the 'Commit' button to push the changes in Git.
  • Now users need to raise pull requests from Git only.

Note: You can not push the Secret and Notes changes.

Note: when we update Pre/PostHook name and check the status of the GIT. You can see there old Pre/PostHook was deleted and a new one is created.