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⭐ List of Feature ⭐

✅ Types of events in API Maker

  • Normal : Event trigger while calling.
  • Auto Trigger event : Will be trigger on execution of any other API.

✅ Auto Trigger event

  • Use the same event for multiple APIs.
  • All category APIs are compatible with auto trigger event.

✅ Event data

  • We use event data when we need data as a request for any event.

✅ N-number of listeners

  • API Maker allows you to create N-number of listeners.
  • Provide names as array of listeners that you want to run.

✅ Event with sandbox

  • All event listeners will run in a safe and isolated space of secure sandbox environment.

✅ Event emit from System API

  • Call the API named " Emit event " to emit an event from System API.

✅ Cycle dependency maintain

  • supported with N number of depth without creating an infinite call cycle.

✅ Debugging & Versioning

  • User can debug listener using testing framework.
  • Create multiple versions of the same listener.

✅ Leverage all AM feature

  • The user can leverage all the APIs of API Maker as user can do in custom APIs code.