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Node dashboard

  • The API Maker's node dashboard shows some interesting statistics:

Worker information

  • It tells us the number of node processes.

OS Memory information

  • Get the value of the total RAM and free RAM of the server on which the API Maker is running.

Platform information

You can find the details of the platform like - host name, - home directory path, - temp directory path, - CPU count, - CPU name and version information, - uptime, - NodeJs version number

Process memory information

  • RSS is the Node.js resident set size. It is the amount of space occupied in the main memory device for the process. Which contains the stack, heap, and code.
  • 'Heap Used' & 'Heap Total' refer to the V8 memory usage.
  • 'External', memory usage by the C++ bound to the JS objects.

DB connections

  • We have a list of the database connections here.